Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

Student Achievement Promoted by Novice Completers (2011-2016) Completers Promoting Achievements
Academic Achievement 53
Student’s Personal Achievements 31
Student Groups or Organizations 6
Enrollment in Colleges and Universities 10
Student’s Professional Achievements 5
Awards and Honors 8
Community outreach programs and extracurricular activities 6
Participation in competitions 7
Total 126

*Completers could choose more than one student achievement, a total of 98 novice completers (51%) marked at least one student achievement promoted by them.

Eugenio María de Hostos Teacher Preparation Program Novice Completers Student's Achivements (211-2016)

Impact on P-12 Learning and Development (component 4.1)

A total of 59 evaluations from teachers that graduated from the UPRrp Teacher Preparation Program were provided by the PRDE. Out of this the majority of teachers (56.90%) are from secondary school followed by 32.76% from primary grades. The evaluation from the department of education is comprised of two separate scores totaling 100. Of this eighty percent is attributed to teacher performance, and twenty percent to the completer’s impact on their student’s growth and performance scores in national achievement test. It’s important to mention that not all teachers evaluated are assigned the twenty percent score, this is justified by the PRDE with the argument that some courses have no impact on national standardized achievement test. The results from the PRDE evaluations revealed a 6.83 mean score (out of 20) for the student growth and performance score with a standard deviation of 3.69.

Figure II: Teacher Impact on Standardized Test Scores

Figure II: Teacher Impact on Standardized Test Scores