Titulo: Women in NCAA Athletic administration positions after title IX

Autor: Luis G. Estrada, Sheila Lugo, Roberto Olmeda

Descripción: Since the passage of Title IX, a federal law that promotes gender equity in educational programs that receive federal funding, the number of women in athletic administration has decreased in comparison to men (Pasque and Nicholson, 2011). Recently, Carpenter and Acosta’s longitudinal study (2012) found a significant disparity between male and female representation in top leadership positions at the college level. In the latest study by Acosta and Carpenter (2014), women comprise 36.2% of the athletic administration of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (henceforth NCAA) compared to 63.8% of males. Bower and Hums (2013) explained that these declining numbers began to drop after the passing of Title IX. The purpose of this paper is to review the representation of women in athletic administration positions in the NCAA. The longitudinal studies by Carpenter and Acosta (2012, and 2014) and Lapchik (2013) will be used as a content analysis to examine the status of women in NCAA leadership positions after Title IX.

Revista: International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health

Fecha: enero del 2016

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Identificador: P-ISSN 2394-1685

Lenguaje: Ingles